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Other Events with Funny Music


BaltiCon takes place during Memorial weekend each year in Baltimore, MD. This mid-size con features a strong filk track with performances throughout the weekend. They often book comedy acts and have prominently featured FuMP artists in the past. This is a general science fiction and fantasy convention with many author guests. It also has a strong science track with a prominent paleontologist who attends each year and gives a popular update on the previous year's dinosaur finds.

Con on the Cob

Con on the Cob is a gaming convention that takes place each fall in Ohio. It often features an event they call the Comedy Music Extravagasm with performances by a variety of comedy acts. 2D6, Devo Spice, and Worm Quartet are regulars at this convention. While the music isn't a large portion of the con this event is a lot of fun and Andy Hopp's artwork is amazing.

Fest of Al

Fest of Al is a convention dedicated to "Weird Al" Yankovic and his music, featuring special guests, musical performances, and other Weird Al related activities.


MarsCon is a fan-run science fiction convention held in March in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota each year. A large portion of the con is the MarsCon Dementia Track run by the great Luke Ski. Since 2004, when Dr. Demento was the Guest of Honor, MarsCon has welcomed a pleathora of funny musicians to perform each year. This con has the biggest and best comedy-music track of any con that isn't FuMPFest.


Named after Edgar Allan Poe, RavenCon is a general science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place each spring in Williamsburg, VA. It features a music guest of honor each year who is fandom-related, although not necessarily funny. However, RavenCon has been very supportive of funny music, filk, and The FuMP and often features performances by comedy-musicians. This convention also features a strong author and gaming track.

If you know of another convention or event that features a lot of funny music and should be listed here please contact us.