June 16-18, 2017. Chicago IL

A full weekend of comedy-music and related weirdness.

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Latest Updates:


Holy Crap, What a Weekend!

FuMPFest 2016 was an unbelievably epic weekend of music, comedy, and fun! It was so epic that we are just now finally (mostly) recovered from the con and caught up with everything we have to do! Thank you to everyone who came, all of our guests and performers, our volunteers, the hotel staff, and everyone else who made this weekend a success!

We have some of leftover merchandise from the weekend that we have put in our store.

  • 2016 T-shirts - We have a very limited amount of 2016 t-shirts left. The shirts look amazing, so if we have your size left definitely pick one up!
  • 2016 Program Book - We made a few too many program books this year so we will be selling the extras through October for $2 each.
  • 2014 T-shirts - We had some additional t-shirts from 2014 leftover from a second run we did. Those have now been added to the store.

And we still have some copies of the 2014 and 2015 live CD sets.

Finally, we have set up a brief (7 question) survey to get some feedback from the audience regarding the event. If you have a few minutes please fill it out. Responses are anonymous and will be collected through October 15th. Click here to complete our survey.

Thanks again for an awesome event! We hope to have some information to share regarding 2017 soon!


Tune In Live!

FuMPFest is this weekend, and if you can't be here in person you can still enjoy the festivities online from the comfort of your own home, or office, or in-laws, or wherever you happen to be this weekend.

We are going to be streaming as much of the weekend as we can. Audio will be streamed for free on Dementia Radio. Video will be "paywutchyalike" via Concert Window. See the schedule for the full list of events happening this weekend.


Pre-registration Closed

Pre-registration is now closed, and we are no longer accepting new sponsors, dealers, program book ads, or t-shirt pre-orders for 2016. You can register at the event in person. Prices are listed on the Registration page. T-shirts will be available on site while supplies last.

We are still accepting entries into our video contest. The deadline for that is August 15th.